Shangri-La Design Pvt. Ltd.

Shangri-La Maps (Shangri-La Design Pvt. Ltd.) is GIS and cartographic outsourcing Service Provider from Nepal. Its main area of expertise are in GIS technologies , CAD Drafting, Designing, Conversion, DEM Generation and web mapping services through IT excellence. Our company has been promoted by group of GIS experts and cartographers. Team includes Experts, Graphic Designers, Researchers, Geographers and Engineers.

We provide our customers end to end solutions, ego-spatial technologies. Using our technical knowledge and quality control methods; we deliver low cost high quality precision mapping services within stipulated time.

It is our constant endeavor to exceed expectations of quality, productivity, turnaround time and cost efficiency.

Following Services are currently being offered:

> Design and Development of GIS product
> Design development of CAD documentation
> Presentation CAD documentation Architectural 2D CAD drawing, drafting & CAD conversion in AutoCAD
> Geo referencing and Geo-coding
> Ortho-photo generation
> Manual Hill Shading
> Analytical Hill Shading
> Digital Elevation Module Generation
> Raster image to CAD conversion
> Photographs to CAD conversion
> pdf/tiff/jpeg/gif to CAD Conversion
> Paper to CAD Conversion (Raster to Vector Conversion)
> City Maps
> Panoramic Maps
> Business Location Maps
> Travel and Tourism Maps for Business Enterprise
> Touristic Map
> Thematic Map Generation

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